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W I L D  H E A R T

Bali Yoga Retreat

A Mountain and Beach Secret Getaway

Oct 7 - 11 (Friday - Tuesday)

Full Moon Weekend

Tabanan Bali


Mother Earth says,
You do not have to be afraid of me
All dirt can be washed away
Surrender to my flow
Root Down, Rise Up

Come home to Me
Come Home to Earth

We begin by grounding deeply in Mother Earth.

Our first 2 nights will be held in mountain hideaway in Tabanan Bali.

This peaceful paradise offers nourishment not only for the senses but also for the soul.

Tucked away from all the noise, amidst abundant natural food forests,

rice fields, waterfalls, rivers and towering mountains reaching as far as the eye can see.

A perfect place to Rewild as we tap back into nature, recharging all our senses.

Following that, we will take a 50 minute scenic drive to a beautiful and private property on Balian Beach,

with views of the holy Balian river, leading down to the magnificent waves of the Indian ocean.

This luxurious Mediterranean style secret resort is where we will spend our final 2 days together,

soaking in the Ocean breeze and basking in the magic of the Full Moon.

Using Yogic philosophies, as well as playful exploration, you will be guided to

embrace and celebrate your inner child and truth, building a more loving relationship with yourself.

Off the mat, you'll enjoy the all of these resort's gems - from roaring waterfalls, fresh water rivers,

abounding rice fields, and of course a spectacular view of Mount Batukaru, as well as have ample time to enjoy the Balian beach views,

have a picnic or read and write by the Sacred River.

You will experience traditional Balinese cultural practices,

as well as nourish your body with plant based meals harvested right from their permaculture farms.


Brief Itinerary

Subject to change


Day 1 Friday  ~ Grounding in Mother Earth 

715am  Suggested Flight from Singapore to Bali 

2pm        Check in & Rest

4pm        Greet the land & Permaculture Tour

5pm        Gentle Yoga, Journal & Meditation

7pm        Dinner + Rest

Day 2 Saturday  ~ Surrender to Flow 

7am         Sunrise Yoga & Journaling

9am         Breakfast 

10am      Waterfall Adventure & Meditation

12pm      Lunch + Free Time

4pm         Make a Balinese Flute or Flower Basket


7pm         Dinner

8pm         Sacred Circle

Day 3 Sunday ~ Full Moon Medicine

7am        Sunrise Yoga & Journaling

9am        Breakfast

10am     Get ready to leave for the Beach

12pm     Arrive at Beach Villa

1pm        Free & Easy 

4pm        Yoga

5pm        Movement Meditation, Sharing Circle

7pm        Dinner

8pm        Full Moon Celebration

Day 4  Monday ~ Integrate 

7am          Sunrise Yoga & Journaling

9am          Breakfast 

10am       Activity

12pm       Lunch Break 

4pm          Yoga 

7pm          Dinner 

8pm          Sharing Circle 

Day 5 Tuesday ~ Coming Home

7am         Sunrise Yoga and Closing 

9am         Breakfast 

10am      Leave for Airport 

230pm   Suggested flight time back to SG 


Price: (5 Days, 4 Nights)

Early-bird: $1200 Double Shared Bungalow or Room / $1800 Solo Bungalow or Room (Pay deposit before Wed, 10 Aug 2022) 

Regular: $1300 Double Shared Bungalow or Room / $1900 Solo Bungalow or Room

Rooms are first come first serve, allocated at random and subject to availability

What is included:

  • Heartfully Curated Accommodation 

  • Vegan Breakfasts and Dinners

  • Car transport between Mountain Resort and Beach Villa (3-4 people per car)

  • Daily Yoga, Meditation, Journaling Practices

  • Sharing Circles

  • Movement, Intuitive Dancing, Singing, Music Therapy

  • Sharings by Guest Facilitators

  • Permaculture Farm Tour

  • Daily Spring Water

  • Free Wifi

What's not included:

  • Flights

  • Visas

  • Compulsory Travel Insurance

  • Airport transfers (or personal land travel)

  • Tips & Additional activities 

  • Lunch

  • Any medical costs incurred during this trip (Covid tests, etc)

  • Personal Expenses, eg Laundry

Suggested Flights:

Singapore to Bali

7 Oct Friday - 7:15am Scoot

Bali to Singapore

11 Oct Tuesday - 2:25pm Scoot

Average Price for flights $233 - 300 SGD (Book Early, ticket prices are going up, date searched 23 June)


Please email Gayle or Click the "Register Here" button to register. A non-refundable $500 deposit will be required to secure your booking. Please note that your reservation will only be confirmed when the deposit is received by Gayle. Remaining fees must be paid in full by Thursday, 18 Aug 2022.


  • 50% refund before 1 Sept 2022.

  • 25% refund before 15 Sept 2022.

  • No refunds after 15 Sept 2022.

  • Transfers of booking to another person may be made to avoid cancellation fees.

  • This cancellation polity will apply to all and any reasons for cancellation, including any medical reason or unforeseen circumstance. Please purchase adequate travel insurance upon confirming your registration to give you a peace of mind for your holiday.

Financial Assistance:

Payment may be split in 2 parts for travellers needing support.

eg: Solo $1800

      $500 deposit before 18 Aug

      $650 before 5 Sept

      $650 before 5 Oct

All prices are in SGD

Or email to register 


Your Facilitators

Gayle Nerva - Lead Facilitator 

Drawing inspiration from all things, people, nature, successes and failures, Gayle Nerva believes that the only limitations in life are the ones we put on ourselves – we are boundless, filled with magic and potential.

Being a singer-songwriter and musician, Gayle believes in the healing powers of sound, and always looks forward to sharing this music medicine with others.

Her teaching style is fun-loving, lighthearted, and grounded in compassion and curiosity. She enjoys many styles of movement, from the stable alignment-based holds of a Hatha practice, to the dynamic flowing movements of Vinyasa, Dance, Martial Arts and Gymnastics.


For Gayle, Yoga and Self Care extends beyond the physical; it is in choosing to meet all sides of herself with openness, as well as seeing the goodness in others. It is learning to meet resistance with kindness, and taking the time to celebrate all the little things that we may take for granted. It is remembering to be patient with herself on bad days, and being brave to begin over, and over again.


Ida Liana - Yoga, Music, Movement, Healer


Ida is passionate about helping you deepen your connection to your mind, body and soul, creating space for you to be your full, beautiful, imperfect yet perfect human self.

Through song, expressive writing, spoken word poetry and movement, she creates space for you to express your wholeness. Even the parts you may shy away from. It is safe to be seen. It is safe to be heard.

Her work is very much informed and inspired by her own life journey. She uses this depth of experience to guide people back to themselves, through presence, expression and community. 

She is a strength coach and yoga teacher who also loves singing and writing poetry. Whether it’s a private gym session, group yoga class, or song/poetry circle, you will sense her natural ability to make people feel at home, welcomed and empowered at the same time.

Katie Jonzen - Shadow Work, Growth Coach

Katie is a Growth Coach, facilitating seekers to find unwavering inner peace in a chaotic world. With a background in Psychology and a core focus on shadow work, she brings a refreshing sense of lightness to the otherwise arduous healing journey.


Her signature 1:1 programme ‘The Secret Garden’ is an organic re-frame of “doing the work”, inviting gentleness, cultivating presence, and nurturing the seed of peace. 

In her intuitively-guided workshops, Katie brings circles of seekers together into a container of safety to freely express our truths, and sink gently into our depths to explore more of ourselves and each other.

Sharings from Previous Retreats

It was first time attending a yoga retreat and it was incredibly rewarding.

I really resonated with Gayle’s approach of how she incorporated other elements (like play, music, mantra dance, Capoeira, the culture of the Balinese) which allowed us to experiment with the many ways life manifests itself in the form of art and movement. 

I’ve never felt so energetically aligned in my asana practice too.

There was so much tears and laughter, long walks and meaningful conversations, all because we felt safe and loved. Much love to Gayle, all the beautiful humans, and the land of Ubud that held space for and with us, so graciously. I am deeply changed. 🙏🏼🌺

- Fang, 2022

I have never attended Gayle's class before the retreat. I followed her via IG for awhile and when I saw her posting on a Self Care retreat, I just took a leap of faith and decided to join her.
That was one of the best decisions I've made. This retreat not only provided me a space to care for myself, but also provided me a space to dive deep within, to heal and to find ME. 

This is not a retreat I expected,  but much much more.


Gayle has generously shared with us her experiences with the local talents whom she had met along the way. We were treated to a talented local band group who have the most beautiful voices and taught us how to use ours too. Not forgetting the Capoeira which enable us to explore our body movements in the most fun, playful and accessible ways! The visit to the Waterfall Temple was such an incredible experience. I enjoyed our yoga practices at the Shala, and love how balanced Gayle's class was. I especially her voice and cues.


Gayle curated this retreat in the most thoughtful, gracious and beautiful way that left all of us feeling so loved, so at peace and recharged. She has this magical and giving power, to be able to hold space for us. 
And her voice, is soooo healing too. 💕 

I enjoyed the pace and every single second of the retreat.
The only feedback I have is perhaps it can be one or two days longer! 
I can't wait for her next retreat already.

Thank you Gayle for the AMAZING work done!! 
Love you so much!!

- Esther, 2022

I started practicing with Gayle a year or so ago. From regular Hatha practice to more meditative yin, her classes helped me define my own understanding and journey. Since, we’ve worked on the very basics, balance and alignment, embodied movement and breathing meditation. Far from over, I’ve developed my own interests and intuitions around what works for me, what I enjoy and, sometimes, what I need most.

Few weeks back, I joined Gayle’s Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali (May ’22). This was my first retreat and had so many questions and doubts: is this really for me? will I do well? will I get along with other 8 people I’ve never met before?

The retreat was among the best things that I’ve done in adulthood. I’ve learnt that everyone there enrolled with different motivations and expectations, however, one thing was common: curiosity, an open mind and heart. In these three wonderful days we did practice yoga, capoeira, meditated, played music, visited a few wonderful places, eaten delicious food, and few other things. The villa was extraordinary, a mix of nature, comfortable facilities and the caring team of Naya Ubud Resort. Most importantly, we’ve all got to know each other, share interest, and develop friendships that will stay with us long after the retreat.

Thanks Gayle for such an incredible time, looking forward to the next one!!!

- Gabriel C, 2022

This was my first retreat - I had no expectations but I was nervous because I did not know everyone and it was also my first time meeting Gayle in person! Gayle immediately made me feel safe and comfortable to be my authentic self. The whole experience for me was a journey of cultivating lovingkindness, developing new organic relationships, opening the heart without self-judgement, connecting and grounding with nature, expressing playfulness through movement and allowing my inner child's wounds to be heard, seen, and learnt understood, remembered and absorbed so much more than I intended to.

Gayle invited guest facilitators and new friends who she met along the way in her time in Bali and selflessly shared her connection with them to us – through music and creating sounds, beats, and rhythms by being an extension of the instrument, through kirtans and finding our own voice again and feeling the vibration of everyone's frequency, through embracing our own shadows and planting the seed of peace, through capoeira and learning a new way of self-expression, to communicate with your eyes but also giggle, laugh, and have fun along the way (it was a reminder not to take things so seriously all the time!) The final day, we grounded ourselves on our mats and Gayle led us through a transcendental yoga flow where (for the first time), I flowed with my heart, with intention, with love.

Throughout the retreat, we were also guided to learn, honor, and respect the Balinese Hinduism and their way of life. As a family, we all channeled the healing powers of Mama Bali and healed loudly together. This was a life-changing experience and I'm filled with so much inspiration, love and gratitude. I came to Bali alone and left with a family. I wholeheartedly recommend Gayle's Retreats, Yoga & Movement practices, Sacred Song Circles, Nature activities, Healing rituals and more.

With gratitude and love, 

- Lauren, 2022

I entered my first retreat with the intention of growing and finding some respite from the stress we had all encountered with the pandemic. I knew I wanted to do my first retreat with Gayle from practicing Yoga with her, and speaking to her about her intentions behind it. 

The transformative journey I had during the mere span of four days is an experience I could never fully put into words, but Gayle did not just facilitate it - she guided and also was apart of the retreat, as much as we all were, which was so comforting as it was some of our first times practicing Yoga and some of the other workshops in Bali. 

Her ability to emotionally and spiritually navigate a retreat is something I am deeply grateful for, and the others who were a part of it - Ida, Katie and the beautiful Naya Ubud resort staff - cared for us and gave us room to grow and express in so many ways. 

I went into this retreat with the intention of growing, but I never expected to heal on the level that I did. With Gayle’s curated mix of workshops and activities, coupled with the acceptance and openness of the others I experienced it with, this has become one of the most unforgettable trips I've made. Thank you Gayle, for your love and your guidance ❤️

 - Liane, 2022

I’ve been practicing with Gayle since 2018 and when she first surfaced this idea, without hesitation, I told her to count me in.

My first yoga retreat - No words can describe the experience that we lived through as a group. In a short span of 4 days, we explored yoga on a plane of activities; movement, singing, dancing, food, walking, asanas, learning from our peers and most importantly, just being. Being present, present in the very moment, that each memory and moment steers the emotions of the heart, and that time knows no borders. Think self-care, let go, recharge, reflect, renew and relax.

To anyone exploring their first retreat, look no further. To a retreat enthusiast, why not? No better person than Gayle who brings her most authentic, nurturing, warmest self to hold space and guide you on your journey. In a safe space and judgement free zone, come as you are. Just be, just turn up, and flow on.

This time on this retreat has brought light and clarity into my life, whilst exploring the shadows of who I am, but most importantly - brought a blanket of peace and calm over me.  I’m truly grateful to Gayle for setting this up, and bringing in the most wonderful  tribe of yogis & facilitators like Ida, Katie to help explore various aspects of this journey. Thank you 💜

- Eugene, 2022