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So.. I got married! Gasp!


What a day.

I've been running around collecting things, DIYing stuff, sewing my dress..for weeks.. and months now! And on this day, it all finally came together.

So, yeah. I'm a married woman now. Still kinda shocked at myself too.

If you know me personally, you'd know that I didn't really wanna go down this road.. Get married, buy a house, have kids.. that sorta thing. but yeah. now I'm married and just we went for our first HDB appointment. lol. We get our keys in April.

His name is Marc Lian, and we've been friends since 2011, Just Friends. Did some music together.. You might have seen our mash up cover that we did in 2012. If not, this is for kicks.

Did a mashup cover of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Getting Back Together, and Maroon 5's Payphone. Funny how we were singing about never ever getting back together, and now we're married 😆

This was in 2012, and boy do we look different.

I think Marc is gonna be mad I shared that video. HAHA. oh well.

We started hanging out a lot in 2015. Texting each other everyday, meeting up for lunch and things, all while still remaining very platonic. But yea, it came to a point where both of us were like... OK. what the hell is going on between us. hahah. and BAM! Fast forward one and half years, music collabs, spontaneous trips to Japan, adventures to Iceland.. Amsterdam, New Zealand, Hong Kong.. Australia.. (damn we've been to quite a few places together already) sorry, BAM! We Married! Cue music, Dum-Dum-Da-Dum..

He's just such a cutie. I think a lotta people didn't quite get it in the beginning, cause Marc and I are quite different.. he's more the quiet observant type, and I'm, how should I say this? I'm the more noisy outgoing sort. ANYWAY. We hid our relationship from our friends and family for almost 5 months.. Poor Gareth. He's like one of my best buds, and it was so funny cause we'd hang out with him, go bowling or watch movies and stuff.. and pretend like we were still JUST FRIENDS. haha. Sorry G.

So since, this is my first post, I'll leave it as that first, before I bore you with more..

Tell me what you'd like to know and I'll write more in the next one.

Till then,

much love, gayle.


Oh! I just realised! Today is my birthday! Haha! Happy Birthday to me! Thank you everyone for sending me your wishes and gifts! I am truly grateful.. <3

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