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To Tea or not to Tea

Hello again!

Here in Singapore, when Chinese folks get married, usually there is a tea ceremony, where the betrothed couple will serve a sweet tea to their relatives from both sides – Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts.. this is done as a formal introduction of the couple to the families, and also for the couple to express their love and gratitude to their elders.

So naturally, as Marc's (my husband, aka: ex bf's name is Marc) Chinese, and being half Chinese myself, the question of whether to have a Tea Ceremony came up when we decided we were gonna get married.

At first I think Marc just wanted to have a small wedding, just immediate family members.. like 20 people max. So we just thought, we could do without a tea ceremony.

But I thought, ahh... maybe we could just do a small tea ceremony; No gate crashing stuff, no crazy games.. just serve tea.. and have lunch. That's it.

So that's what we did!

It all happened kinda last minute, maybe 2 weeks before our actual wedding, (16th Feb) we decided, okay let's have the tea ceremony on the Sunday before that.

I went to Chinatown and found a cute Cheong Sam, $138! Marc got a Chinese shirt also from Chinatown, for $50, it came with pants. He didn't wear them though, he wore another pair of dress pants.

Made a cute little boutonniere for Marc to wear on his Chinese shirt. 😝

Used a magnet clip thing instead of a safety pin so as to not damage the fabric

The night before the wedding I went a little mad and decorated the house till about 1am.

Bought a cheap 囍 (it means double happiness) sign for the tea serving area.

I honestly didn't really wanna put these things all over the house, but I knew my grandparents would appreciate it.

Tried to make it as modern looking as possible.

Mom and I went to JB to buy some new furniture for the house too. 😂

Those two Chinese ceramic stools are from this place called SSF Home Improvement

The Market Farmers flower can is also from there.

Decorated our front door..

Bought 10 metres of red fabric from chinatown (Old People's Park Complex)

Didn't wanna buy that traditional banner cloth you put at your door.. lol.

And that's the wreath I made for the Wedding Car. Dual purpose!

The Chinese Lanterns are from the Party Shops in Bugis, it was like, $3 for 2 lanterns.

Avert your eyes

Bought some peanut and sesame candies!

This Traditional Chinese basket belonged to my Great Grandparents!

Mummy made the traditional Chinese Tea that is brewed for Wedding Ceremonies.

It is made with Red dates, Lotus seeds, Pak Hup, sugar and water.

Guess where I got this tea set from?


Our lovely neighbours Roslalind and Michael made us this beautiful carrot cake!

My mummy made her famous Hokkian Prawn Mee, and we also had a DIY Popiah Station!

There was also Indian Vegetarian Dal, Chicken Curry and Prata!

Meimei, Mummy, Aunty Ros, Mama, Me

Now let the tea serving commence!

Mei Mei had the task of helping us with the tea! See her face. lol.

We served Marc's parents first.

Next his sister and brother in law!

Now my grandparents!

Now MY parents..


I just love this tradition, we serve tea, and then we get money! HAHAH

Now my Mom's siblings!

Ah Yee first..

And finally my Gugu and my Ah Kim (mom's younger brother and his wife)..

This post is turning out to be more of a photo album now.. hehe!

But it's my blog so, whatever.

Together with our mummies!

My new parents!

Baby Zach is obviously the most happy about this union.

Yup! Approving faces all round!

Love for my late grandmama..

muh cute didi and mati ❤️️

mei mei and didi