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DIY Wedding Invitations: Marc your Calendars!

If you have time, plan your own wedding.

And Do-It-Yourself!

It may be kinda daunting in the beginning, but to be honest,

I really enjoyed being hands on with mine, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Thankfully, my work schedule during those 2 months leading up to the wedding wasn't too busy, and I had a bit more time than usual to start and finish art projects for the wedding.

First thing I had to settle were the invitations!

Was I going to make one? Have one printed? Or just do away with the invitation cards?

You really do save money if you choose not to have them.

But! They're just so nice to have!

And if you have pretty ones, with a personal touch and artwork,

your guests are more likely to want to keep them.

Since I had time, and I like to draw and paint.. this is what I did..

Here was my first painting for the invitation!

Marc's face came out a little bit too skinny.. HAHAHA.

This is the final image, that I edited using, believe it or not, the beautyplus app! 😂

Because I accidentally deleted my photoshop on my laptop.

The background was supposed to be the aurora..

We went to Iceland in February 2016

We were really lucky cause during our trip,

there were many stormy days and cloudy nights

but we had 3 beautiful nights when the sky was clear and the Auroras were quite active.

Just magic. You MUST see this once in your life if you have the opportunity to travel.

Anyway! Back to the invitation! I wanted to make it like an accordion invitation card,

all of the writing and drawing's are done by myself.

I did one prototype, and sent it to Prinks Design to help me to replicate.

I printed 100 invites with the help of Prinks Design for $800 total.

Printing was $5.50 for one invitation card with envelope. $550 for 100.

Editing/Design fee was $250.

(This was a discounted price)

Printed extra just in case.

She did a Prinks Design version of my invitation!

This is mine,

And this is Prinks Design's Calligraphy skills!

This one was the maybe ideas..

I just used a black thin marker to draw out a flowery boarder..

Went with this one instead

This is just watercolor..

My calligraphy skills not really good back then. LOL.

Kayly (my darling friend from Tanglin)

was so nice and had a little writing session with me at her house.


This was me writing and painting special Chinese ones for my Grandparents and Great Grandma..

The back of the invite was blank, so it gave me lots of space to get creative!

Names on envelopes!

Addresses and Stamps!

OH! About the the calligraphy!

I used a Nikko G nib, and straight pen holder, Comic Black ink.

Purchased from Straits Art Co. Pte Ltd

Well! I hope this has helped to inspire you to want to create your own cards for a more personal touch..

Especially if you have the time, I think it's a fun activity!

Happy DIY-ing!

much love, gayle.

#Invitation #DIY #WeddingInvitation

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