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Show Me The Money

When you wanna collect money, and you wanna do it in style.

Make a cool Ang Bao Box. 😂

Since Marc and I love music,

I thought maybe we could collect our wedding donations in a guitar case of some sort.

Like how a street busker would collect his earnings..

But I really didn't want to leave the ang baos out in the open,

And I really didn't wanna use any old box.

So this is how the Ang Bao Guitar box was created.

What I used.

Recycled Cardboard



Large Cutting Board

Long Ruler

Glue Gun

Nylon String (guitar strings)


Okay! You have the tools! Get to DIY-ing!

Be careful not to get excited and scratch the floor.

I got excited.

And there you have it!

I hope you have fun with this one.

If all else fails,

you can borrow mine. lol.

Much love, gayle 😘

#AngBaoBox #DIY #CardboardGuitar

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