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We bought an apartment!

Yaaayyy! We just purchased our first home!!

Oh god. Feel so grown up.

Can't wait till I get my first home bill! Lol.

Marc and I were really lucky and managed to find a HDB 3-room apartment in the city area! If we walk out our block and cross the road, we're at Bugis Plus!! The location is just awesome!!

High floor and corner unit, lift landing..

Couldn't have gotten any luckier with this place.

Was looking online on propertyguru every single day! Went to view many different apartments before we found this one.

It's quite an old building, so the current layout of the house isn't quite what we'd like so we need to change everything 😂

This is the original floor plan..

We plan to break down almost every single wall!

These are the first few photos I look while we were buying the place

This is the corridor outside..

that's Marc and my mom

The living room..

The front (bigger) room

The second (smaller) room

Our beautiful kitchen.

And my fav. The bathroom.

It's separated now, one WC cubical and one shower cubical.

WC on the left,

Shower on the right

(Note the pipes. Running horizontally across the wall!)

We wanted to break the wall and make it one bit bathroom, but we are NOT ALLOWED to move the pipes. sooo. We're gonna build a wall/cabinet around it.

And this is my most recent ownself anyhow design😂

First idea..

Original layout.

These are some of our design inspirations...

Okay anyway.. I have soo many pins on Pinterest now. 😂

Anyone have any other ideas of suggestions?

Can't wait to break down the walls in April!

That's all for now! Updates when we get back into the house again.

Much love, gayle.

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