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The LianNerva Wedding

It's been 2 months and 3 days since we got married!

I don't know why I've been putting off uploading all the photos and this video that I made, but yeah,

this morning, I got up, ate some salt and pepper potato kettle chips, and some lucky charms straight out the box, and I went through my files on my laptop, and watched our wedding video and thought, "why haven't I shared this? I should've shared it like 2 months ago." Lol.

Anyway, Here it is! <3

It was just a lovely day,

A big thank you to EVERYONE who helped out so much, Ryan, Leah and Ralph for holding my camera and shooting our wedding from their eyes; My Godma for filming everything on her phone. All this footage was shot by my little cousins, and some from my godma's iphone. We didn't hire a videographer. Oh yea, I stole some footage from Alice, my bridesmaid, of the little ones walking down the aisle.. hehe.

A big big thank you to my wedding team aka bestest friends in the world. Kayly, Silver, Saniya, Gareth, Eleanor.. my siblings, Matilda, my mom! my mom in law.. My aunties, my cousins. omigoodness, everyone helped out soo much with this wedding. I couldn't be anymore lucky. And of course, my husband, Marc, for going along with everything I wanted, even though it might've been crazy. And for standing by me and supporting all of my dreams and making them a reality. <3 he da best.

Venue: Wheeler's Estate

Photography: Andri Tei

Wedding Cake: The Fabulous Baker Boy

Hair: Prep Luxe

Flowers: Bucket Full of Roses

Wedding Invitation Printing: Prinks Design

Bohemian Tapestries: Arra Singapore

Wedding Car:

DIY "Better Together" signs

Yummiest cupcakes home made with love by Aunty Rosalind

Tattoo station!


DIY boho dreamcatcher backdro

DIY Wedding Car Wreath!

Who says you can't see the bride before the big day?