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Unlock your Elements: metal

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Unlock your elements: Metal

(TCM Lungs & Large Intestine, Main Chakras Heart & Root)

(Full Chakra Practice)

Through the month of December 2020, we will explore 5 different elements in nature, Metal, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each element corresponds with our physical, mental and emotional relationship with our environment, the people around us, and the relationship we have with ourselves.

We will be following the chakra system through these elements in our practices together. The word Chakra means wheel, or spinning wheel of energy. There are 7 main chakra points along the spine; Root (Earth), Sacral (Water), Solar Plexus (Fire), Heart (Air), Throat (Ether/Clear Sky & Space), Third Eye (Akasha Cosmic Light), Crown (Infinite Wisdom/All or No Element).

Now, maybe you’re thinking, wait. Where’s Metal? This element isn’t reeeally in the chakra system. The element of Metal is more commonly seen and identified in the traditional Chinese Medicine system. The 2 meridians that fall under this element are the Lung and Large intestine. In the chakra system, Lung falls under heart/throat chakra, and large intestine under either root/sacral/solar plexus chakra.

“We embrace the function of the large intestine, eliminating what we don’t need. We honor our lungs and respiratory system where balance is created every time we inhale fully to receive,

And exhale fully to release; we trust that the next breath will naturally come.

We begin by recognizing the importance to grieve and let go, not limited to loved ones who have passed, but also opportunities forgone, physical abilities lost through injuries, relationships and friendships that may have ended.

Tension blocks flow of energy in the body and our light of awareness cannot be illuminated, we may feel the weight of stagnation slow us down and prevent us from showing up in life.” Gabrielle Mendoza

The element of metal is an interesting one for me. Metal surrounds us everywhere in our every day life, the structures of our homes, our electronic devices, phones, tv, computers, our appliances, our transportation systems, the wires that carry our electricity, it’s everywhere and yet we don’t often think about where it comes from. Well at least, I haven't.

What do you think of when you hear the word Metal?

Strong, solid, sturdy, structure, rigid, cool, shiny, technology, new, intelligent, Robocop.. 😅

Metals exist in the Earth’s crust and core, depending on where you are on the planet, if you were to dig into the soil, or collect rocks, you’d probably find metal ore in them, because that’s where they’re found in nature. Just like mining for metal ore, or sifting for gold in the muck, We tap into the core of ourselves, we unearth our inner truths, and let go of what may be hindering us from seeing clearly.

‘If we do not empty out what does not serve us, we do not have the capacity to receive anything new. We do not have the space to renew our decisions to make better choices for ourselves.’ Gabrielle Mendoza

Through letting go, we reveal our hidden potential, our highest self.

The element of Metal is about being thankful, and letting go of attachment.

It is easier said than done. We grow attached to many things, situations, people and habits.

And the ability to let go is a skill that one needs to practice.

Perhaps a simple thing, we forgot to bring our phone out today, or there's no internet connection in the house.. Do we panic? Or are we ok with living lightheartedly without it?

Perhaps it's something bigger, you’ve fallen ill, or incurred an injury, or maybe you've lost someone or something in your life. You respond in shock, denial, frustration, you wish it never happened to you, you lose hope and feel defeated and fall into a depression. What can you do? Do you let yourself stay sad forever? Do you seek help? Do you look for positive things to be thankful for instead of focusing on just the bad things? It's hard to let go, as sometimes we’re afraid of what may or may not happen once we do.

We may grow too attached to our situation(s). And do not trust that letting will help. It takes courage and faith.

We let go of fear to live lightheartedly. To have less worry, and to calm the fluctuations of the mind. Yogash citta vrtti nirodha PYS 1.2

Metal – chakra clearing

Earth element Root - (Muladhara: Root Support)

Located in the base of the Spine, Perineum, Genitals, Large intestine, Sphincters, Bones, Legs, Feet

Ground, Earth, Mother Nature, Parents, Family,

Safety, Security, Survival, Sense of belonging.

Blocked: Fear

Right side - Warrior 1 Virabhadrasana 1

Mother, Grandmother, Mother figure,

whether the relationship be good or bad, we give her thanks

For carrying us within her sacred womb and for giving us life. For her care and love, for the sacrifices she made, feeding us, teaching us our first steps, watching us grow, for she did her best, guiding us in the only way she knew how, with all of her knowledge, wisdoms and the tools that she had at her disposal.

We visualize our mothers

- inhale: blessings, thankfulness and love to my mother

- exhale: (in your heart or out loud) speak her name

Chanting the Bija Mantra (Root Chakra): LAM

Left side - Warrior 1 Virabhadhrasana 1 Father

Whether the relationship be good or bad,

We give thanks to our Father, Grandfather, Father figure,

For giving us life, and his love and care, for the sacrifices he made, for everything that he has taught us, for teaching us our first steps and for helping us grow, for he did his best in the only way he knew how, with the knowledge and the tools that he had at his disposal.

We see our fathers in our heart and to him we say

Inhale: Blessings, thankfulness and love to my father,

Exhale: (In your heart or out loud) speak his name

Chant: LAM

Connect deeply with your foundation, beginning, support,

See your parents, family, and be thankful, for you are blessed.

Water element Sacral (Swadhistana: One's Own Abode/One’s Favorite Space)

Located: Lower Abdomen, Hips, Sexual Organs, Digestive Organs

Creativity, Sensuality, Freedom of Expression, Sexuality, Emotions

Blocked: Guilt, Shame

Right Side Triangle Trikonasana

Romantic partners, business partners, creative partners, close family/friends

Visualize your loved one,

For their kindness, friendship, and love, we send them our gratitude

Inhale: blessings, thankfulness and love to

Exhale: silently say their name

Chant Bija Mantra (Sacral): VAM

Left side Triangle

We see a romantic partner, business partner, friend/family whom

we may have lost, or have unresolved issues with,

And no matter how difficult, we give ourselves permission to grieve and forgive, to let go of hurt and pain.

We visualize that person in our heart

inhale: blessings, thankfulness and love to you,

Exhale: silently say their name

Chant: VAM

Fire element - Solar plexus (Manipura: Jewel in the city)

Location: Upper Abdomen, stomach, Kidneys, Liver, Spleen, Digestive System

Governs our self worth, our sense of determination, confidence, and ego.

Relationship with ourselves, people whom we have hurt

Blocked Fear of change or failure, Shame

Seated Twist (right)

We visualize anyone whom we may have hurt or wronged in the past, we see them in our heart and minds eye, and to them we say that we are sorry for the hurt I may have caused

Inhale: to the person we have hurt, say Please forgive me

Exhale: silently say their name

Chant Bija Mantra (Solar Plexus): RAM


We visualize our own self, and ask,

do we see ourselves as strong?

As brave? As beautiful? As weak? As lazy? As invisible?

How do we see ourselves truthfully?

Inhale: I let go of any negative thoughts and actions I may have on myself and my self worth,

Exhale: It is safe to let go of unhealthy control and trust my journey in life

Chant: RAM

Butterfly pose Baddha Konasana (3mins)

With inner peace and wisdoms we give ourselves permission to let go and to forgive as well as time to heal.

Inhale: I learn from my mistakes and I am capable of change

Exhale: I let go of guilt and shame and I am filled with love

Chant: RAM

Air - Heart (Anahata: Unstruck)

Love and compassion, Blocked Grief, Loss

Located center of the chest - Heart, Lungs, Respiratory & Circulatory system

Ability to Love without expectation and to Forgive others who have hurt you

Supported Bridge with blocks or bolster underneath hips (5 mins) "When you have the largeness of heart to let go and forgive others and yourself, you find freedom to move forward with your life. This ability to forgive can be cultivated within you by remembering that others, just like you, are only doing the best they can in any given situation." Sharon Gannon

Bring awareness to your heart and lungs, inhale to receive goodness, exhale to release grief.

Bridge Setu Bandhasana or Wheel Urdhva Dhanurasana

Focus on a being in your life who you feel has hurt you and forgive him or her.

Inhale: Blessings, thankfulness and forgiveness to

Exhale: silently say their name

Chant Bija Mantra: YAM

2nd Wheel Urdhva Dhanurasana

Now see yourself in your minds eye as a loving compassion being

Inhale: I forgive the wrong doings I may have inflicted on myself

Exhale: I fill heart with kindness and goodness

Chant Bija Mantra: YAM

Space, clear sky Ether – Throat chakra (Vishuddha: Especially Pure)

Communication, sound, truth, Blocked by lies (that we tell ourselves or each other)

One’s voice reflects the condition of one’s mind. The inner condition of the mind determines how we see ourselves, our place in the world around us; it defines the roles we play in one another’s lives.

Upavista Konasana legs up the wall OR Sarvangasana Shoulderstand/ Plough Halasana (5min)

Inhale: I listen with patience and understanding

Exhale: I let go of unkind judgments I may on others and myself

Chant Bija Mantra: HAM

Supported fish pose Matsyasana with blocks underneath the chest (5min)

Inhale: I listen to my heart and the hearts of others

Exhale: I am brave to speak my truth clearly with compassion and conviction.

Chant Bija Mantra: HAM

Akasha Pure Light - Third eye (Ajna: Command)

Located behind the center of eyebrows - Pineal Gland

Governs our intuition, intellect, and imagination.

Associated with our ability to think clearly with an open mind and open heart. To trust our intuition and the choices we make in life.

Blocked by illusion, illusion of seperation

Childs Pose (5mins)

Acknowledge your teacher or teachers, not limiting to yoga teachers, but all the teachers in your life. We thank our teachers for their sharing their lessons, wisdoms and for inspiring us to be better.

Inhale: Blessings, thankfulness and love to

Exhale: (in your heart or out loud) say the name of your teacher

Chant Bija Mantra: OM

Cosmic energy/consciousness, or no element – Crown (Sahasrara - Thousand Petaled Lotus)

Location crown of the head and center of the Brain - Pituitary Gland

Associated with our relationship with the divine, God, infinite possibilities, enlightenment. Blocked: Worldly attachments

The aim of Yogic practices is Samadhi (enlightenment).

What is realized in the yogic state of Samadhi is the

Oneness of Being. Otherness and Separation disappears.

Sirsasana or Dolphin (5 mins)

Focus on your personal Ishta-deva-ta: a form of the Divine which you can relate to.

I am open minded and open hearted.

I acknowledge and appreciate all that is bigger than myself.

I respect and honor all of existence, past present future and the infinite.

I am connected to the divine in me and the divine in all beings.

I am grateful for my life, and my mind and heart are at peace.

OM, shanti shanti shantihi

Seated Meditation 5min

Inhale: silently say "Let"

Exhale: silently say "Go"

Let Go

10 Min Savasana

Thank you to my Yoga teachers, especially the ones who inspired me with this practice, Kristin Khor, Sharon Gannon, Gabrielle Mendoza.

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