Music Lover, Food Junkie and Flower Child Gayle, enjoys guiding fun yet challenging classes filled with lots of Love and Gratitude; After suffering injuries from her aerial arts practice and other sports activities Gayle turned to Yoga and has never been more happy and fulfilled with that decision!
Growing up, Gayle always felt ashamed of her weight and body, never feeling good enough and that she had to diet and starve to look a certain way. Yoga has taught her how to fully embrace and love her whole self wholeheartedly.

Gayle loves meeting new people and enjoys making people smile.
Her aim is to create a safe space for every body in her classes, without judgment or comparison. To foster respect discipline and compassion, encouraging students to nurture their bodies and minds to their highest potential.

If she's not yogi-ing, she's kickin' back at home probably board-gaming with friends and her favourite midnight munchies.


"Gayle Nerva is a patient instructor who gives clear instructions, while also keeping the class fun and light-hearted. I found it especially useful, since as a yoga newbie, it can be intimidating to attend a class where the teacher is overly serious. Not only were her instructions clear, pacing was also comfortable and easy-to-follow. I would strongly recommend her."

– Nat Ho, Actor / Singer

“Gayle is a great teacher! She has a positive and chirpy disposition, which is very encouraging for a new yoga student like me. I find her classes to be both informative and challenging, and I thoroughly enjoy her nurturing teaching style. I strongly feel that any yoga school will definitely find Gayle to be an asset in their teaching roster.

– Gareth Fernandez, Singer

“Gayle is an excellent instructor and infuses positive energy into her classes. She's attentive to her student's concerns and customizes the practice accordingly to our needs even though it's a group class. Not only she ensures that we optimize our practice by correcting our alignments, she also go the extra mile by providing lavender infused eye pillows during Savasana. That's how attentive she is to details. She's personable and her soothing voice also made the class extremely calm and peaceful. I'd highly recommend her classes to everyone.

– Kayly Loh, Actor / Owner of Bucket Full Roses

“I am in my 50’s and due to several past injuries I have lost a lot of flexibility & more significantly, lost confidence in my physicality. Gayle worked with my limitations: listened to my body for me and helped me keep focus on MY body so I don’t compare it to what someone else may be able to achieve.
Her voice and choice of music enhances the comfort and clarity of the movements she guides us do.

It is obvious that she does her homework as she tries to ensure her sessions suit the genre of ‘students’ she has. [Example: she was very careful with my frozen shoulder yet knew how much she could stretch me. And for my daughter who is used to more rigorous exercise:
Gayle knew exactly how to make the same movement more engaging for her.]

I always find Gayle’s session to have just the right level of challenge and ease at the same time.
Gayle demonstrates all-round professionalism: she respects time, cares about hygiene, has a positive body image and has a genuine warmth toward people.”


– Bridget Fernandez
Mother of 3 and Woman intending to age gracefully

“Gayle has a soothing voice and I feel so calm when she conducts the class. She was very good at encouraging me to challenge myself with the postures. I am in my forties and was afraid to strain my body. But in her class I felt I could trust her and go with the flow. I enjoyed the yoga session with her. And I see her to be an excellent yoga teacher. Her calm and composed disposition makes her very approachable and her voice is so soothing to a restless mind. Wish her all the best to her journey in yoga.”

– Yuvina Malathi Ram, Actress

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